Tree Time

Tree Time

1,000 die every year from Dutch elm disease and the effects of Chalara ash disease have yet to be felt; many of Edinburgh’s mature trees were planted in Victorian times, and are becoming elderly, with many requiring felling as they become dangerous or diseased; recent storms have felled many more.

There is still an annual net loss of trees in the city which will have an impact on Edinburgh’s landscape in years to come.

The initiative aims to encourage people to donate towards the replacement of trees with a focus on street trees. ELGT have been working in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council and The Woodland Trust to develop a range of packages that people can donate to. The different levels of donations range from a suggested £20 donation which will go towards the replanting activity up to £5000 which will enable a new street tree to be planted. There is also a list of trees that can be adopted where people can dedicate it to a loved one which is recognised through a plaque and an online journal. Every donation is acknowledged by a certificate from the Lord Provost.

The Tree Time website enables members of the public to donate online. There is a campaign that runs alongside this to raise awareness of the need to replace trees that have been lost. It aims to galvanise support for tree planting in Edinburgh to maintain and improve the treescape of the city which are integral to the city’s success to help make it a great place to live, work and visit.

Following donations that have been recieved, the first tree planting was undertaken in February 2020 which involved replanting 43 trees across the city. The first tree to go in was planted by our Chair Dr Kate Broughton and Cllr Donald Wilson in Stevenson Drive by Saughton Park. It also included Lutton Place in Causewayside and Boswall Avenue in Wardie.

"I’ve found it very rewarding to know that my money is going to be helping future generations and that in itself is a really worthwhile investment, I also love tree’s and making Edinburgh greener is a no brainer -so I thought why not?”

Funded by: Mushroom Trust, City of Edinburgh Council, The Woodland Trust


  • Identified 100 trees for adoption
  • Identified 100 locations for street tree replacement
  • Developed Tree Time Website
  • Production of certificate of donation
  • Enable a online dedication journal
  • Production of marketing & communication plan


  • Increase awareness of loss of trees
  • Raise the profile of the initiative
  • Enable people to donate to replace trees