Corporate Volunteering

Get Active & Go Green!

Offset your organisation’s carbon emissions, leave a legacy for your community and get active with hands-on environmental projects. Corporate Team Challenges are simple, cost-effective and enjoyable ways to develop a successful and responsible business.

Employee Action Days

Take action! It’s easy to boost team spirit, improve employee morale and also make a difference to your community and the environment. Here is a letter of support from a business on how it has mutual benefits. Groups of up to 15 individuals can participate in practical conservation sessions, led by qualified ELGT staff.

Organisations who have already worked with us include Burness Paull LLP, Tesco Bank, British Gas, Investec, RBS, Royal London and HSBC.

What does it cost?

Action days are bespoke and are tailored to your needs. We deliver full or part days, costing from £350 for a full day. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We also welcome donations to help with the cost of equipment.

Seasonal Working

Conservation work usually takes place during winter.  Although the weather is unpredictable and volunteers may be less keen to participate in outdoor activities at this time, there are many good reasons for the seasonal nature of this work:

  • It is outwith the bird nesting season – woodland works should not take place during the nesting season, that is, between March and August.  Some low level and small scale work such as crown lifting of lower branches can be carried out but great care must be taken not to disturb any nests.
  • Vegetation is dormant during the winter: this means that impact to the flora is minimal, for example, you won’t disturb any understorey planting when working on the trees above.   It also means that you don’t have to avoid plants such as nettles, etc which can make work  more difficult, potentially dangerous and certainly less pleasant!
  • The tree sap is dormant: this makes it easier to carry out any felling and to avoid damage to the trees.  The sap of many trees and climbing plants can ‘rise’ before they come into leaf in the spring and so pruning should be carried out by mid- to late-winter, depending on the species. Tree pruning should be avoided during bud burst (early spring) and leaf fall (autumn).
  • Conservation work will keep you warm! Although you’ll be working in the cold months, the energetic nature of the activities helps to keep the cold out and can actually be easier than working in the summer sun.

What to expect

For all Team Challenges, ELGT provides the following:

  • Supervision by one or more trained member of staff
  • Site visit prior to the event if required
  • Risk assessment
  • Gloves, tools and materials
  • First aid cover

We ask you to:

  • Work according to your ability
  • Dress for the weather
  • Wear stout shoes, long trousers and long sleeves
  • Enjoy yourself!


Please submit the volunteering enquiry form (at the top right of this page), or contact Richard Darke at the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust on 0131 445 4025 or to find out about current opportunities or tell us about your specific requirements – we can be flexible!

“Such a great way to spend a morning and so good to catch up with my friends who I haven’t seen in months.  It was good for the soul and at the same time helping out the trust with its amazing work” Burness Paull

Volunteer Enquiries

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Participants should dress for the weather and in suitable outdoor clothes/shoes.