We are looking for someone to assist us with our communications and promotion. The role involves supporting the Trust staff to help promote the work of ELGT, and to promote the benefits of greenspace for health and wellbeing.  

The role will be based at ELGT Office, 109/11 Swanston Road, Edinburgh EH10 7DS, but would involve assisting at events and activities throughout Edinburgh

Minimum expected commitment of 7 hrs/wk for 3 months; 10-16 hours/week preferred. Hours flexible depending on volunteer’s schedule and ELGT needs.

See here for a full desciption.


Complete this form by 28th September and email it to and we will arrange a time to come in to meet us. We currently only have capacity for one Communications Volunteer, so if there are several applicants we may ask you to go through a selection process involving an informal interview to find the best fitting candidate.

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