Active Travel Programme

Active Travel Programme

Encouraging people to use active travel for everyday journeys

ELGT is developing and delivering a range of active travel projects as part of the City of Edinburgh Council Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme. The aim being to focus on areas of multiple deprivation to help encourage people to use active travel more to undertake everyday journeys and help improve their health and wellbeing.

Goodtrees Bike Club 

The bike club provides a great opportunity for young people to be more confident in riding bikes and to explore their local active travel routes. It also helps them develop their maintenance skills.

Southeast Cycling Group


The cycling group started up around Goodtrees in Moredun and have since been out exploring the local network through Little France Park and Niddrie to join the cycle path along to Craigmillar and Inch Park.

Walking Group with young people from Moredun

It was great to have so many young people from Goodtrees youth group take part in our walking sessions to encourage them to be more active. They are making great progress to improve their fitness as they aim to climb a Munro.

Promoting Active Travel Quiet Route 61

We joined the team from Sustrans in promoting the Quiet Route 61 as part of the offical launch. This included the distribution of the innertube map for Little France Park to see how it links with the local active travel network.








Now that I have been to bike club I like cycling Bike Club participant

Funded by: Smarter Choices, Smarter Places


  • Deliver a Bike Club with Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre in Moredun and Canongate Youth in the City Centre – (6 week programme) – one day a week Bike for 20 young people.
  • Develop a cycling group in the South East locality for people who are isolated with health and wellbeing issues.
  • Work with neighbourhood groups in Moredun and Dumbiedykes to help encourage residents to take part in walking and jogging groups.
  • Work with the travel hub staff at RIE and University of Edinburgh to help promote the local active travel paths in the local area.
  • Promote the new active travel route to Portobello.


  • help give young people confidence in cycling and learning new skills to maintain bikes
  • improve the health and wellbeing of deprived communities
  • help encourage the staff and patients from ERI to use new active travel routes to access appointments and services.
  • promote the active travel network and how it can link up with other areas in the city to encourage greater use of off road paths.