Campbell Park Greenspace Improvements

Campbell Park Greenspace Improvements

Greenspace improvements through community activity

Campbell Park is  situated in Colinton near to the Water of Leith. It is a large park with sports and recreational facilities including children’s play area. Through working with the local community, ELGT has been making improvements to the park. It was decided that they wanted to create a community orchard in the middle of the park where the sunlight would be strongest to help them grow and bear fruit.

Community Orchard creation

The first trees were planted by the whole community in 2019 who worked together to plant apple and plum trees to make a beautiful orchard. The trees were planted with the help of funding from the local community.

Everyone got really stuck in, donning gloves and with shovels in hand many planted there first ever tree.

Children were treated to a hula session where they learned how to hula hoop like a true professional! Food and drinks were also prepared for participants to enjoy, thirsty work for all involved, especially those who had a tough bit of turf to dig up.


The experience brought back some sentimental feelings for some participants who recalled the first time they planted a tree. A new generation had their chance to plant their first ever trees, something that will stay with them forever as a happy and precious memory. Councillor Phil Doggart was in attendance and he planted a tree and took part in the community event that was organised by ELGT in conjunction with the Woodlands Avenue Revenue Association.

More Fruit Trees Planted 

New fruit trees were planted in 2020 through the support from the local community.  The orchard has now grown from 15 to 30 trees, so in a few years, there’ll be plenty of tasty fruit for the local community and wildlife.

We would like to thank Tori Ratcliffe Art – Pet Portrait and Wildlife Artist who supported in raising the funds for the new trees as well as the Co-op and the local community.

Tori said, “It is so great to be able to see exactly where the money has gone”.

Edible Hedge

A 100m edible hedge has been planted beside the community orchard which will help improve the biodiversity of the park.






"I really enjoyed the occasion, it brought back some great memories of planting my first ever tree and this event has brought everyone together in the spirit of the community." Local resident


30 Trees planted, a mixture of apple and cherry trees

100m Edible hedge

20 members of the local community were in attendance



  • Improved Biodiversity
  • Greater community cohesion
  • Better habitats for wildlife