Gyle Park Improvements

Gyle Park Improvements

Improved access and amenity of a park to enable people of all abilities to be more active.

The Gyle Park (73 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh, EH12 8LJ) has been under city ownership since 1953. The park has become a considerable city asset with its popularity as a sporting venue and for its magnificent views of Arthur’s Seat, the Braids, Blackford Hill, and Corstorphine Hill. The Gyle Park is one of the city’s largest parks. Parts of its boundaries are marked by sycamore, rowan, sorbus, and ash trees.

The park is well situated and acts to connect communities with local shops, Gylemuir Primary School, and public transport (including buses and South Gyle train station), which encourages active travel for cyclists and pedestrians.

The Gyle Park Path Project aims to make active travel more accessible by upgrading the path surfaces and improving the appearance.

Funded by: Paths for All, City of Edinburgh Council


  • Upgrade a 675m section of path along
  • 7 new seats
  • 5 bike racks
  • 30 news tree standards



  • enable people of all abilities to use the path.
  • provide a safe surface all year round.
  • encourage people to be more active.
  • improve the appearance
  • increase biodiversity