Dreghorn Nursery Outdoor Activities

Dreghorn Nursery Outdoor Activities

Community engagement project with Armed Forces families in Dreghorn

ELGT have been working with the Armed Forces Community through the welfare officer based at Dreghorn Barracks. Our staff met people from the Armed Forces Community to see how we can help bring families together in the local community.

The project involved working with the families who have children that attend a local nursery in Dreghorn. It included the improvement of an outdoor space that has been created and engaging local families in outdoor activities. The programme of activity aimed to encourage families to work together to make outdoor improvements. This involved working with the parents at the nursery to design and construct the outdoor area at the nursery to help integrate the families as they work towards a common goal and provide an opportunity for them to develop friendships. In the spring the families took part in gardening workshops at the nursery.

Grow and taste sessions enabled the families to learn about local food and how it can be used for simple cooking recipes. Woodland activities which included guided walks are fun for all the local families and a great way to bring the local community together. We have also organised physical activity sessions for the local parents to help improve their health and wellbeing and to enable them to form social groups. There were also family conservation activities for the wider community where they worked in groups to improve the local greenspaces near to the nursery through tree and bulb planting activities which helped them be more active and connected to the local community. All the activities provided opportunities for the local community to take part in volunteering.

Gardening at Dreghorn Nursery 
All hands were on deck to plant a hedge, beans, and a nasturtium wheelbarrow.




Woodland activities

Children busy building animal homes and shelters in the woods. A great opportunity to be outdoors and catching up with the Dreghorn Nursery families where they learnt new skills and about the local woodlands.





Bat Walks

Over 50 local families attended a bat walk in Redford Woods. A great way to connect people to each other and to their local greenspaces and woodland.




Silent Disco

We had great fun bringing people together through a silent disco walk around the local greenspaces near Dreghorn.








Funded by: Armed Forces Covenant Fund


  • Creation of an outdoor space at Dreghorn Nursery
  • Deliver 6 gardening workings in the outdoor space at the nursery
  • Deliver 6 grow and taste workshops with families from the nursery
  • Deliver 10 woodland activity sessions with local families
  • Deliver 10 physical activity sessions with the parents
  • Deliver conservation sessions with the local community


  • Help bring the local communities together in Dreghorn
  • Improve the outdoor space to enable more outdoor learning
  • Increase appreciation for the local woodlands and wildlife
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of the local community
  • Improve the biodiversity of the local greenspaces.