Health Walks

Health Walks

Outdoor walking programmes to encourage people to explore their local greenspaces to help them improve their health, wellbeing and to reduce isolation

ELGT delivers walking programmes with a focus in areas of SIMD which involve using nearby greenspaces in the area. This includes South Edinburgh, Oxgangs and Craigmillar. All the groups follow the health walk model as they involve people with health inequalities.

It aims to help provide timely and appropriate interventions which promote recovery. Participants aim to gradually increase the levels of activity by increasing the distance or time spent walking, while building up the social aspects to help them develop capacity and bond as a group, encouraging continuation of activities after the programme ends. Refreshments are provided at the end of each walk, which will encourage a more social atmosphere to the events. The routes include sites with a heritage interest that can be used to bring communities together that would help with cultural bridging. We also encourage volunteers to become walk leaders to ensure that the activity continues once there is a core group of people participating.

Oxgangs Group

Seagrove Group in Lochend

Since I started taking part in the walks, I have become physically fitter, more energized and feel happier. I benefit from walking and talking with different people. I am grateful to Kim & Ruth for the lovely areas they take us walking, the way they encourage us, and the tasty & beneficial refreshments they organize for us

Funded by: Paths For All


  • 10 walking programmes in areas of South Edinburgh, Oxgangs, Dumbiedykes, Craigmillar and Leith /Lochend.
  • Each walking session is run with groups of approximately 8 people which is made up of approximately 4 current walkers and 4 new walkers per group.
  • Sessions are initially between 30 min and 1 hour long.


  • Reduce isolation
  • Encourages the participants to gain new friendships
  • Increase levels of activity
  • Bring communities together
  • Help with cultural bridging