Healthy Herbs

Herbs are wonderful plants to grow - they're often cheap to buy, easy to grow from seed or from seedlings bought from the garden centre, easy to share by division, cuttings or by gathering seed from plants in the autumn.

If your space is limited, they can grow in pots on a windowsill (inside or out) or on the patio.  If you have more space, they can grow in the herbaceous border, in their own dedicated herb bed or as part of a kitchen garden.  Herbs have a wide range of culinary or medicinal uses and are usually very wildlife friendly and great for attracting birds, bees and butterflies into the garden.  Some can be used as companion plants to prevent unwelcome bugs from attacking your veg and most are very attractive plants to enjoy in the garden.

Read more about herbs at the links below or download our herb booklet (right)

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