Fiveways Junction

A major interchange on the north Edinburgh path network is getting a landscape makeover, thanks to funding from the People's Postcode Lottery.

Fiveways - once a key railway junction where three different railway lines met - is now the hub of the North Edinburgh Path Network and is a key junction between various routes. Unique in the area, it is an open space along the path.

Fiveways is a meeting place and a location for events and other activities, but currently consists of little more than some sections of grass surrounding the tarmacked paths which are worn away be people walking on them. The surrounding banks are a mixture of stinging nettles and brambles with woodland beyond. There is nowhere really to stop, other than on the muddy grass, and events that take place often spill over on to the paths, interrupting cycle traffic.

With some imaginative landscaping, the site has great potential to become a destination on the path network and thsi project hopes to turn the area into something special, and to build upon the work we have been doing over the past three years promoting and improving Edinburgh's off-street path network.

We are putting in circular drystone-and-mortar wall around the site, transforming it into a real "place" you feel you have arrived in. In conjunction with the nearby Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, stone carvings are being incorporated into the wall, and local organisations, clubs and individuals are taking part in planting fruit bushes and other plants.

In the surrounding woodland, local volunteers are helping carry out conservation work to clear and improve pathways and undergrowth.

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