Newcraighall Play Park

Thanks to funding from WREN FCC Scottish Action Fund which is from the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund and from the City of Edinburgh Council we transformed the play park at Newcraighall in the southeast of Edinburgh. We identified new play equipment that will make a very immediate and visible improvement, which will in addition serve as a catalyst for subsequent activities. The original equipment was built in 1994 and fell below the play value score of good due to its age and condition.

The physical works involved the removal of all the existing play equipment. We changed the play surface from tarmac and rubber safer surface to woodchip and rubber safer surface. We installed the following equipment

  • New swings involving 2 cradle seats and the very popular basket seat which can be used by all ages and is also inclusive for all abilities. The swings come as standard with anti wrap bearings preventing all the past problems with swing wrap around and resulting noise. 
  • A main Scramble & Slide play unit which provides play opportunities for toddlers and Juniors, aged 3 to 11 for climbing, sliding and crawling, with a large covered central viewing seating platform. The unit also fully meets inclusive standards with its transfer deck, ramps, wide deck and slide which returns to the transfer point. 
  • A small dish roundabout which provides rocking and rotational movement for toddlers and juniors, also meeting inclusive use. 
  • A Crazy Gander Springer which provides good support for toddlers with a gentle rocking movement and at the same time allows for imagination play. 
  • A tightrope circuit which is a toddler activity challenge centre, with steps and balance, it is also an informal seating and hangout area for young people. 
The play value for the new design is now 65. New seating has been installed within the play area and at the rear of the play area with a new powder coated metal table which should require less maintenance. Installed rubber pathways and wear pads set into the woodchip to aid access and prevent displacement of the safer surface from under the swings.

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