Wester Drylaw

Wester Drylaw Greenspace is a 1.3 hectare area of open space which used to suffer from a number of problems including:

  • littering
  • poor access
  • low public perception with local people
  • unwelcoming due to lack of signage & poor entrance points
  • anti-social behaviour
  • perception as unsafe

The Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust worked in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council and the Drylaw Telford Community Council to make environmental improvements. The overall project, valued at £107,000, carried out extensive consultation and engagement with the local community to find out what the local residents wanted to do with the site and also to get residents involved in the making the project happen.

The project included the creation of new paths and seating, interpretation and entrance features, and new planting of trees, hedging and bulbs.

The second phase of this project came about when  Drylaw Telford Community Council made an award of £5,000 towards the installation of a new bitmac surfaced path between Wester Drylaw Drive and a recently installed play area.