Harmeny Woodland

The Trust has been working with the community in Balerno to improve Harmeny Community Woodland for all local residents and the local Harmeny Education Trust

Harmeny Wood site covers an area of 1.25 ha and provides an attractive roadside feature framing local housing and Harmeny School, a special school that provides education for pupils with a range of learning difficulties. The wood is owned by the Harmeny Education Trust Ltd and managed in partnership with a local community group, the Harmeny Wood Management Group.

The woodland slopes steeply down to the Bravelaw Burn and includes a mixture of native and exotic, broadleaved and coniferous tree species with a range of age classes. The project involves woodland thinning to manipulate the species balance in favour of native broadleaves and the removal of exotic regeneration. Enrichment planting  to be undertaken will also help to improve the species diversity and to develop an understorey layer.  Improvements to the main path route with the provision of a durable walking surface will help to ensure that access to the wood is possible on foot throughout the year.

The path improvements has created a surfaced looped path for the first time within the wood and will give access to the existing mushroom circle feature and pond and also lead to the proposed bench seat.

Physical work that has been carried out has included:

  • Construction of 250m of new surfaced path
  • Selective felling and tree surgery for safety reasons at the roadside
  • Design & installation of 3 information board
  • Removal of exotic regeneration
  • Repair & maintenance of 130m fencing
  • Weed control
  • Delivery of community events