Carberry Woodland

The Trust was approached by the Musselburgh Conservation Society who were keen to  improve access and interpretation at an important historical site at Carberry.

The site, known as Queen Mary’s Mount, marks where Mary Queen of Scots  surrendered to the Confederate Lords, in return for a safe passage for Bothwell into exile.

The area is commemorated by a stone obelisk in a clearing in the woodland, with wonderful view towards the Forth, including Fa’side Castle and the Pinkie Battlefield.  Further down the slope in the middle of the woodland, there is a smaller stone set beside ‘entrenchments’ dug by the English before the Battle of Pinkie, and another viewpoint lower down in the wood with an attractive view to the west.

This project has enhanced the experience of visitors to this significant and historic site, and provides the focus for an excellent woodland walk in an appealing rural location, close to Musselburgh, Inveresk, Wallyford and Whitecraig.

Improved waymarking of the paths from the main entry point to the woods and as the path progresses through the site have been developed to assist visitors going for a stroll.

Three interpretation panels have been produced and installed in partnership with the Musselburgh Conservation Society, with a small viewing platform to make the most of the magnificent views, and as part of the project, the Trust also produced a leaflet giving historical background to the area and map of the walks.