Woodland Activities with Schools

Woodland Activities with Schools

Outdoor activities with schools to help them become more aware of their local environment and improve their wellbeing

Woodland activity sessions with Pilrig Park School

ELGT have worked with Pilrig Park School delivering woodland activity programmes, most recently with the Barra class. We have been using the woodland area within the school grounds to run a programme that includes sensory activities, getting to know trees, tasting elderberry syrup, arts and crafts and some conservation work. The class have been enjoying the sessions and have been noticing the changing seasons.


Teaching staff have commented that some of the young people have enjoyed being outside and learning about their local nature.

Funded by: City of Edinburgh Council- Children & Families


  • Worked with Pilrig Special school to deliver a programme of 6 outdoor activities
  • Involved working with 10 young people with special needs


  • Enable young people to interact with nature
  • Encouraging young people to learn about their local greenspaces and wildlife
  • Increase the confidence of teachers to develop more regular outdoor activities