Health & Wellbeing

Greenspaces should be functional and practical, as well as beautiful. Although beauty is important, the Trust believes that communities are an essential ingredient for making a successful sustainable greenspace.

One of the Trust’s priorities is to work with local communities and deliver activities and events that take place in greenspaces, encouraging people to spend time in their local park, community garden or woodland, for healthy, wellbeing and recreation.

Publication scheme

Edinburgh & Lothians Greensapce Trust is covered by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. Under the Act, anyone can ask for information from us. We take part in the the Model Publication Scheme. The publication scheme shows what sort of information we hold and how you can get it. The scheme covers the period from April 2015 to end May 2019.

For those those wishing to make a request for information in paper form, please contact us.

The following documents are available as PDFs for download:

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