Clermiston Park Improvement Plan 2020

Clermiston Park Improvement Plan 2020

Consultation and community engagement

On behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council, ELGT have put together an Improvement Plan for Clermiston Park, making suggestions for its management over the next two years. Two consultation events were held in January at the Drumbrae Library Hub, along with the opportunity to email your comments on the first draft of the Plan.

We were grateful for everyone’s feedback and suggestions which were discussed with the Council. Below is a link to the Feedback Summary document which summarises the feedback received from the consultation and the response from the Council, detailing what is and what is not possible. Below is also a link to the final version of the Clermiston Park Improvement Plan. Where possible, suggestions from the consultation have been incorporated.

We look forward to helping take this plan forward with the Council and local community and thank everyone for taking the time to tell us their feedback and suggestions!

Feedback Summary Table

Clermiston Park Improvement Plan 2020 Final Version



Funded by: City of Edinburgh Council


• Finalised Improvement Plan for Clermiston Park produced


• Enable the key stakeholders to participate and have greater control on the development of the park’s management
• Help improve green networks
• Providing opportunities for communities to come together and take part in community engagement activities
• Better understanding of the what are the key uses of the park are
• Where the opportunities are to increase accessibility to greenspaces