Ratho Station Green Boundary

ELGT undertook a successful project at Ratho Station Park in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council to create a Green Boundary on the edge of the Park to provide a wildlife habitat and improve the biodiversity of the Park.
As a follow up to this, a new project to extend the project was undertaken. The project had funding from a number of different partners including Mushroom Trust, CEC, Edinburgh Airport and Greenspace Scotland. The funding enabled the creation and maintenance of the Green Boundary. The planting was undertaken by approx. 20 volunteers from Marks and Spencers and the surrounding community as part of our involvement in the Spark Something Good project for Edinburgh.
The project was able to raise awareness of the natural  value of  the park amongst the local community and provide the local residents and volunteers with new knowledge and skills.
The project involved 
  • A total of 500+ tree whips were planted
  • A total of 20 volunteers took place in the project
  • An extension of 150 metres of hedge planted