Forest Schools

This project brings learning to life through an outdoor classroom approach, where pupils learn new skills and gain confidence through connection with woodlands. 

ELGT work with staff to create and deliver 6 taster sessions for each group, to encourage pupils to experience outdoor learning and take part in woodland-based activities introducing the children to the outdoor space available in their local area.

The sessions aimed to:
• To increase usage and quality of open spaces
• To encourage outdoor and environmental education
• To improve health and wellbeing
• To encourage positive outdoor activities such as walking, environmental education and natural play
• To increase the number and quality of greenspaces
• To foster community pride and ownership and help to create stronger communities
• Reduce anti social behaviour
• Improve woodland and habitats

Activities included knot work, tree I.D., shelter building, furniture making, green men of the forest, tasting elderflower cordial, smelly woodland cocktails using storm kettles and fire-making, conservation work, photography, story sticks, scavenger hunts leaf crown making, bark rubbing and puppet making.

On reflection the schools were glad to have had the opportunity of the ‘taster’ Forest Schools and now hope to build upon the experience. The sessions gave the children ‘life lessons’ such as teamwork and environmental responsibility as well as giving them a greater understanding of nature, the wider world and their place within it. The children really enjoyed the practical work of building shelters and creating environmental artwork.