Health & Inequalities Gardens

ELGT has recieved funding from the Health & Inequalities Standing Group to provide community gardening in areas of disadvantage to enable an improvement in health and wellbeing.

There is now significant evidence that community gardening benefits social cohesion as well as improved physical and mental health. 

A list of potential locations is deteremined through consulation with various groups. The process involves consultaion and workshop sessions for the design and planting of the community gardens which have benefited the health and wellbeing of particiapants. 

Madelvic Square
Through the creation of a new roof terrace at Madelvic Square facility which is run by Cairns Housing association there was a desire to create a roof garden. An innovated garden was designed in Spring 2016 with the input from the residents who decided what would be planted.The garden was then constructed with the help residents that were able. The residents picked the crop later which was then used in the kitchen. The residents have found that it is a great place to socialise and have used the area for other activities. There are 2 residents who have taken a particular interest in the gardening which includes watering almost every day as it can get dry quickly.  The garden has been well received with other groups who visit the facility.

The Royal Edinburgh Hospital

The community sensory garden was to designed to aid treatment for patients and to improve the appearance of the grounds. The consolation sessions started in March 2016 to develop a community garden with the Edinburgh Cyrenians , volunteers and patients. The location and design was determined along with what would be planted. 

The patients find that it has become a great area to run theraphy sessions as it is calming. The visitors and volunteers also find it a nice place to sit.