Garden Volunteering

No community project can survive for long without the support of volunteers.

That goes double for community gardening projects, where there is a steady stream of tasks to manage the whole year round. There are so many great projects around the city now, delivering the huge benefits of community gardening to individuals and communities alike, but they all need reliable, committed volunteers to survive and thrive.

In collaboration with Volunteer Centre Edinburgh, ELGT has launched its Garden Volunteer Bank, a central reference and signposting point for anyone interested in volunteering in community gardening.

Check out our map of the different projects and the opportunity advertisement, or please contact Amy or Caroline on 0131 445 4025 or or for more info. Then in only a few days you could be weeding, digging, sowing, mulching, fencing, staking, watering, composting, or doing any one of a thousand tasks that keep community gardens alive (and the pests at bay!).